Accessories for Boards

A range of products which enable you to use hakims writing and display boards more effectively, efficiently, creatively, etc.
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Duster ('hakims' Duster)


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'hakims' dusters are made of a special material, which does not scratch the board surface while erasing. (Used on writing boards). A magnetic duster... More

Minimum quantity for "Duster ('hakims' Duster)" is 1.

Flip Chart Attachment


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A Flip chart can be clipped on to any board to assist in displaying charts and clipping important information. It can hold a flip chart pad or many sheets... More

Minimum quantity for "Flip Chart Attachment" is 1.

Marker Pens (For White Writing Boards)


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These pens are used to write on white boards - the writing can then be easily wiped off. Magnetic markers have a magnetic holder, which attaches itself to... More

Minimum quantity for "Marker Pens (For White Writing Boards)" is 1.

Slide hooks (For Wall Mounting)


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Slide hooks are used to fix the board on the wall, standard quantity required is supplied with the board.

Specify the frame type for which the hooks are needed.

Minimum quantity for "Slide hooks (For Wall Mounting)" is 1.

Tray for board


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Trays are used to hold Marker pens/ Chalk /Duster,etc. The tray fits onto the lower frame of the board - acting like a small shelf projecting out in front...

Minimum quantity for "Tray for board" is 1.

Dataline Letters/Figures


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Numbers, letters and signs in Gold or Silver which are easily placed along the inbuilt lines of Dataline boards. They come in three different sizes: 13mm,... More

Minimum quantity for "Dataline Letters/Figures" is 1.

Datapress Letters/Figures


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Pegged letters, figures, symbols etc whcih fit into the perforations of Datapress boards. Graphs, maps, etc., can also be pegged on, using these... More

Minimum quantity for "Datapress Letters/Figures" is 1.

Infodots (Pack of 50)


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Small circles of hooked fabric with self adhesive backing, which can be stuck behind any obect/ picture to be displayed on the infopanel (INFOPANEL ACCESSORY)

Minimum quantity for "Infodots (Pack of 50)" is 1.

Infoletters (Set)


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Infoletters are 45 mm pre-gummed letters of felt. They are re-usable (INFOPANEL ACCESSORY). Set of 65 (as follows): A,B,C,D,E,F,I,L,M,N,O,P,R,S,T,U: 3 EACH... More

Minimum quantity for "Infoletters (Set)" is 1.

Thumbtacks (Pack of 25)


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Thumbtacks make display of posters, pictures, graphs etc. easy and attractive. (Accessories for Infopanels, Infomag, Cork boards, Combination boards).

Minimum quantity for "Thumbtacks (Pack of 25)" is 1.

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