Display Stands

A wide range of stands for displaying books, magazines, brochures, cards, newspapers, scrolls, etc. very useful and practical for libraries, reading rooms,stores, exhibitions, display centers, etc.
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Acrylic Magazine Stand


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An Acrylic stand for displaying magazines and brochures - ofr A4 & A3 sizes. A folding unit which can be easily moved from place to place.

Minimum quantity for "Acrylic Magazine Stand" is 1.

Rotating Book Stand


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Sturdy wire mesh holders mounted on a pipe stand to hold journals, periodicals, magazines, books, etc. This stand provides high visibility and all round... More

Minimum quantity for "Rotating Book Stand" is 1.

Rotating Card Stand


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An appealing and convenient rotating stand made of pipes and sturdy wire for displaying greeting cards, view cards, paperbacks, etc. The rotating holders can... More

Minimum quantity for "Rotating Card Stand" is 1.

Z Magazine Stand


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A zigzag shaped metallic stand for display of magazines etc. 7 shelves on alternate sides.

Minimum quantity for "Z Magazine Stand" is 1.

Rotating Map Stand 2 Tier


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Rotating single or 2 tiered map stand for convenient and easy storage of scrolled maps and charts , with ready access. Each bucket can accomodate 20 scrolls... More

Minimum quantity for "Rotating Map Stand 2 Tier" is 1.

Magazine Display Stand


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An Infofabric covered board with narrow ledges to hold magazines . The inclined surface makes it convenient to display magazines and other publications. The... More

Minimum quantity for "Magazine Display Stand" is 1.

Newspaper Stands


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An inclined tabletop on a single pole stand, with a central clip to hold the newspaper. a popular and convenient display for comfortable browsing of... More

Minimum quantity for "Newspaper Stands" is 1.

Acrylic Magazine Holder


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Acrylic magazine holders with 4 pockets, which can be wall mounted. Tabletop models with a wire back support. Rotating , 4-sided floor standing type on a...

Minimum quantity for "Acrylic Magazine Holder" is 1.

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